News: Optitropin HGH is out of stock until end of June

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How to order - information and guide:
> For all questions and orders contact us at from a secure mail provider.
> Order minimum is 100€
> Tracked shipping is 7€ to Germany, 14€ to EU, 20€ to countries that require a customs declaration
> All orders are shipped from central Europe & within 24 hours - delivery takes 2-7 business days.
> All non-domestic orders have stealth packaging to minimize any risk of customs seizure.
> In the event of a seizure or if the shipment seems lost, we will reship once for free.
> Payment options: BTC, XMR, ETH, LTC

Format your order in this way please:
1 x Cat Cardarine 40€
2 x Deus Raloxifen 54€
1 x Hilma Clenbuterol 20€
shipping 14€
total 128€
Preferred payment method: BTC

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