News (updated daily):

I'll be on a short break from the 22nd of September until the weekend, please refrain from placing orders until this announcement disappears! All orders already placed will be processed still, though there may be half a day delay in shipping. Look forward to some upgrades after the break!

Please read and follow the order guide posted at the bottom of this page, it really helps the quality and speed of service!

Limited stock/sale:

Hilma Biocare Primobolan Ace 50x25mg 40€ (6), Masteron Enanthate 200mg 30€ (7), Clenbuterol 50x40mcg 16€
Deus Medical Raloxifen 50x60mg 29€ (1), Tamoxifen 50x20mg 30€ (4), Winstrol Suspension 50mg 27€ (11), Masteron Enanthate 200mg 30€

Shipping to Scandinavia has been suspended until October

New in stock: Boldenone Cypionate 200mg for 25€. While it hasn't a label yet, the labtest can be found under lab reports as always.

Optitropin HGH kits are sold out

How to order - information and guide:
> For all questions and orders contact from a secure mail provider.
> Order minimum is 250€, please do not ask for an exception.
> Orders are shipped to EU countries only.
> Payment options: BTC, XMR, ETH, LTC. No bank transfer.
> Please pay your order within 24h - mail me if payment will be delayed.
> If you need to change your order, please do so on the same day you placed it.
> Tracked shipping is 7€ to Germany, 14€ to EU, 20€ to countries that require a customs declaration
> All non-domestic orders have stealth packaging to minimize any risk of customs seizure.
> In the event of a seizure or if the shipment seems lost, your order will be reshipped once for free.

Format your order in this way please:
2 x Cat Trest Ace 100mg 200€
3 x Hilma Clenbuterol 60€
shipping 14€
total 274€
Preferred payment method: BTC

After payment, send confirmation (anything that helps identify your transfer) and your shipping address in this format:
Full name:
Street name & number:
Additional address information if necessary:
Zip code & city:
Phone number (helps courier services deliver smoothly):