Ozempic pens and Telmisartan are back in stock

Reduced prices for many products until low in stock or sold out. Most of these will not be restocked:

Injectables: Testosterone base & Dianabol to 18€/15€, Trenbolone base to 25€/20€, Mtren to 22€/20€, Oxymetholone & Superdrol to 20€, Stanozolol to 20€/18€, TMT mix & Tren Hex to 45€, Tri-ester Testosterone 400mg & Multi-ester Testosterone 400mg to 30€ (same price as Test E 300mg), ZPHC Testosterone P. to 14€-10€, ZPHC Testosterone mix to 18€-12€, Spectrum Testosterone C. to 18-13€

Orals: Dapoxetine 60x50mg to 25€/20€, Superdrol 100x10mg to 25€, RAD-140 150/500 x 10mg to 35€/100€, S-23 120/500x10mg to 25€/85€, YK-11 120x10mg to 70€

Pharma: Glutathione 10x600mg kits to 45€ - 35€ each, Novorapid insulin pens with a 02-04/24 exp. date to 5€ - 3€ each (please read product description!)

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All shipping is currently slower than usual and may not recover before Black Friday will cause further slowdowns. As christmas shopping/shipping will cause chaos for couriers soon after, please plan accordingly (such as purchasing crypto well in advance), especially those of you living on islands & Greece

110iu blue top HGH kits are sold out and will not be back in stock in 2023. 130iu white top HGH kits are made by the same manufacturer and identical in quality

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The lab reports for each product alongside blind tests and raw lab testing are viewable on the product pages.