Cardarine 100x10mg is available again. Please read the product description!

MK-677 (Ibutamoren) is available again

Promo time! Rules for participation:

1. active until February.
2. 300€ order minimum excl. shipping - ordering retail at 250€ minimum is available optionally.
3. the promo cannot be stacked with anything else but can be used alongside cat promo.
4. do follow the order guidelines, do not ask questions clearly answered on the website.
5. please ensure you are able to acquire and send cryptocurrency before placing an order.
6. '10+' means of the same product, not the combined total of products ordered.

Added Hilma Biocare Testosterone Enanthate 250mg

Do not send mails asking when or if a product will be (back) in stock.

Prices for all peptides have been reduced further and HGH Seisomatropin kits are discounted for a limited time:

1-3 kits = 125€ each > 115€ each
4-6 kits = 115€ each > 105€ each
7+ kits = 110€ each > 100€ each

Reminder: Please provide your phone number for non-domestic orders, it helps successful delivery

HGH kits do not count towards the 250€ minimum order amount - if you want to purchase Seisomatropin kits only, the minimum is 4 kits.

The UK domestic store has been reopened! It will offer indian pharma products only and ship only to UK. Click the UK flag to the right or go to and make sure to read the rules and contact the correct mail address if you want to order from there!

How to order - information and guide:
> For all questions and orders contact from a secure mail provider.
> Order minimum is 250€ excluding shipping.
> Tracked shipping is 16€ to EU & 20€ to UK. I do not ship to Scandinavia or Switzerland.
> Payment options: BTC, XMR, ETH, LTC. No bank transfer or other payment methods.
> Please pay your order within 24h - mail me about delays. Complete lack of response for 3+ days will result in a store ban.
> Changing your order for free must be done the same day you placed it.
> All non-domestic orders have stealth packaging to minimize any risk of customs seizure.
> In the event of a seizure or if the shipment seems lost, your order will be reshipped once for free.

You must format your order this way:
2 x Trest Ace 100mg 180€
3 x DM Arimidex 72€
shipping 16€
total 268€
Preferred payment method: BTC

After payment, send confirmation (anything that helps identify your transfer) and your shipping address in this format:
Full name:
Street name & number:
Additional address information if necessary:
Zip code & city:
Phone number: