Added labtests for Masteron Propionate 150mg MCT & Testosterone E /Masteron E 400mg MCT to upcoming products, as well as improved Primobolan 200mg MCT and Masteron E 200mg MCT tests

The products in the 'Coming Soon' category that have a labtest as their picture can be preordered at 10% off the listed price, will be shipped in early December and arrive at customers in the first half of December. Do not ask about products that do not have a labtest. You can order preorder products and other products (at regular prices) and have them shipped together once everything is available. This preorder discount ends once the upcoming products are in stock.

Added 'Raws' category. These can only be purchase in the listed quantities.

Limited stock: 120iu 96% purity HGH kits from 110€ - 90€ each

New pharma products: Ozempic (Semaglutide) pens for 180€ each, Tamoxifen

The amount of bac water you can order is limited to the amount of HGH/peptides in your order.

Please do not ask about products not on the website, nor when or if a product will be (back) in stock. If no information is posted here, information is not available at all.

All details on how to place an order as well as store rules have been moved to the FAQ. Please ensure that you read it before mailing a question or placing an order

The lab reports for each product alongside blind tests and raw lab testing are now viewable on the product pages. The lab archive contains lab reports & blind tests for past batches and products only