How to submit an order:

Send a mail to [email protected] and follow the format exactly as shown in this example:

5 x Testosterone Enanthate MCT 300mg 150€

4 x TB-500 160€

3 x Arimidex 72€

shipping 16€

total 398€

Preferred payment method: BTC

After payment, send confirmation (transfer ID or exact amount of cryptocurrency sent) and your shipping address in this format:

Full name:

Street name & number:

Additional address information if necessary:

Zip code & city:


Phone number:

Order & payment rules:

1. Order minimum is 300€ excluding shipping.

2. Tracked shipping is 16€ to EU & 20€ to UK. I do not ship to Scandinavia (Denmark, Finland, Sweden, Norway) or any country outside the EU customs union (Switzerland, Canary Islands, USA etc.)

3. Payment options: BTC, ETH, XMR, USDT (ERC20).

4. Orders must be paid within 24h - this period can be extended to 72h upon request if your crypto exchange is locking up your funds. Complete lack of response for 72h after receiving payment details will result in a store ban.

5. Changing your order must be done the same day you placed it.

6. All orders are shipped within two business days after receiving payment. Domestic customers do not receive a tracking number, all other customers receive one as soon as the order is shipped. All non-domestic orders have stealth packaging.

7. In the event of a seizure or if the shipment seems lost, your order will be reshipped once for free.

8. Do not send mail asking for a tracking number less than two business days after payment. Please wait seven business days before inquiring about your order after it has been sent - transport can be delayed for many reasons and I have no further insight than you do via the tracking number.

Where can I find customer reviews?

You can find my official threads here (please note that the opening posts are outdated):

Meso RX Cat Café

Meso France

When will x product be back in stock? Do you have y product?
If no information about upcoming products is posted on the frontpage, information is not available at all, so please refrain from sending mail asking about unlisted products.