100€ - 75€ 110iu

Made by a chinese pharmaceutical HGH manufacturer, each kit contains 10 x 11iu vials. Five vials were tested to account for variance. Ideally each vial is reconstituted with 1.1ml bacteriostatic water for a concentration of 0.1ml = 1iu. Bacteriostatic water is not included.

1-5 kits: 100€ (0,91€/iu)
6-9 kits: 95€ (0,86€/iu)
10-14 kits: 90€ (0,82€/iu
15-20 kits: 85€ (0,77€/iu)
21-29 kits: 80€ (0,72€/iu)
30 or more kits: 75€ (0,68€/iu)

Please note that the dimer testing method was changed significantly in late February and current test results cannot be compared to those from February or older.

After extensive testing, research and review of publically available test results, it seems that dimer values seem to have no consistency intra-batch, inter-batch or correlation to quality in general anymore (outside the realm of degradation testing).

It is with a lot of hesitation and a heavy heart that I recommend ignoring dimer and related proteins on HGH test reports until new information has become available that allows us to interpret these results meaningfully.