New products/batches in store!

Injectables: EQ 550mg/ml, Nandrolone Decanoate 300mg/ml, Testosterone Cypionate 250mg/ml.

Oral suspensions: Oxandrolone 50mg/ml, Aromasin 25mg/ml, Arimidex 1mg/ml, Tadalafil 20mg/ml

HGH 110iu kits, tested at 95-96% purity by Janoshik

Contact email: [email protected] - please use an encrypted mail provider such as Protonmail or Tutanota

Every injectable oil is filled to 12.5ml and contains BA/BB and MCT unless otherwise noted. Some of the higher concentrations will contain a small amount of Ethyl Oleate (EO).

Please do not send mails about upcoming products! The inventory will be expanded with new products frequently in the upcoming months and you'll find all news here as well as in the Meso RX thread linked in the FAQ

How to order:

Minimum order amount is 250$

Please submit your order in exactly this format:

4 x Test Enanthate 140$ 2 x Anavar 50mg/mL 140$ shipping 15$ Total 295$ Preferred payment: BTC, ETH or XMR

After receiving the corresponding wallet address in response, please pay your order within 24 hours and send a transfer ID or the precise amount of crypto sent to identify your transfer alongside your address in exactly this format:

Full name: Street address: Apt number: City: State: Zip:

1. You must use a household name. Reshipping due to incorrect address information will be an additional charge.

2. If you place a large order, please be able to accept a large parcel. NO PO BOX addresses will be accepted for large parcels.

Hours of operation will be Monday-Friday 8-5. Please plan accordingly for ordering. This is only to cut down on device time. Thank you for understanding.

Please be aware that some injectables can crash at cold room temps(63F). As we enter the colder months please keep an eye on all of them. The temperature in transit will have an effect.